Care Home Services

We work closely with each care home to create a bespoke service package tailored to the individual needs of your residents, staff and management. At the M & D Green Group, we firmly believe in a model of complete care, ensuring holistic healthcare for each and every patient.

We offer a wide range of dispensing services, which are all provided from local pharmacies. There are no cut off times, with fast and flexible delivery times and we offer a full daily collection service from GP surgeries as standard. We also offer a full choice of MDS systems or original pack dispensing systems to suit your needs.

In addition to our dispensing and support services, we also focus on medicine safety, appropriateness and reduction of polypharmacy. This has led us to success at the Scottish Pharmacy Awards  in 2015 where we were awarded the "Winner of Pharmaceutical Excellence within the Care Home Setting" and again in 2020 where we were awarded "Winner of Training and Business Development" where our training was recognised as being a 'very impressive contribution' to patient care by our industry regulators.

We firmly believe that evidence based practice, coupled with high levels of patient involvement and multidisciplinary working relationships with other healthcare providers enables us to play a vital role in ensuring first rate patient care.

We are exceptionally patient focused and believe strongly that patient safety, quality of life and wellbeing are three essential aspects to our care home services. 

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