Travel Vaccines

Travel Vaccines

Nowadays travel just doesn’t include just a quick trip abroad at the last minute. With people now travelling and working all over the world, preparation for this is essential.

Your local M&D Green pharmacy can help with advice and information depending on where you are travelling to.

The pharmacy can administer most vaccines in the pharmacy after a few simple checks.

Vaccines are a safe way to protect travellers against viruses and disease that they may not have been exposed to before.

These may include:

  • Hepatitis which can be spread through eating or drinking contaminated water or contact with someone who has the infection even if they don’t show symptoms.
  • Typhoid which is usually caught by consuming food or water that has been infected with the typhoid bacteria or handled by someone that has typhoid
  • Rabies can be caught if someone is bitten by an infected animal but can also be caught if an infected animal licks or spits onto open skin.
  • Yellow fever is carried by Mosquitos and most travellers will be at a low risk of this but some countries require proof that you are vaccinated before allowing you to enter.
  • Malaria which is also carried by Mosquitos in certain areas, so depending on where you are travelling to then you need protection against this as well. We can supply anti-malarial tablets to help protect against this. Along with good insect repellent this should make your trip much safer.

As well as vaccine and safety advice we can also provide all the essentials including sun protection, toiletries and all other associated travel products.

Ask in your local M&D Green Pharmacy for a travel risk assessment as soon as possible after deciding on your destination so you can discuss ways you stay healthy and safe on your trip.

More health information for overseas travellers can be found here
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