Pharmacy Assistant

A Pharmacy Assistant is a key part of the pharmacy team as the first person a patient interacts with upon entering the Pharmacy. Whilst working within the safe parameters of your job role you will be expected to give safe and up-to-date advice on a range of healthcare conditions and supporting pharmacy services. Your role involves handling over-the-counter sales and consulting with patients face-to-face. You will also be expected to stock and maintain a clean and safe environment for both your customers and your team.

Your duties will include ordering and maintaining stock, welcoming, and assisting patients. Assessing patient needs and clearly communication with the pharmacist if required.

You will require basic computer skills as through the course of your working day you will process sales for over-the-counter treatments, process requests for free NHS services, and receive prescription orders.

You will need effective communication skills as you will be expected to consult directly with other healthcare providers and patients.

You will also be expected to complete patient sales and transactions for over-the-counter medications and offer advice on free NHS services that patients are eligible to receive.

Pharmacy assistants will be expected to have achieved or be working towards their Healthcare Assistant Qualification.


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