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Pharmacist preparing a perscription
Pharmacist preparing prescription

Careers at M & D

We firmly believe that the happier our staff are, the happier our customers will be. We are at the cutting edge of clinical services and healthcare provision and our innovative ethos extends to the career opportunities we offer our pharmacy managers.

Our staff are critical to helping us maintain our high levels of service. We put a high priority on recruiting suitable personnel and providing them with the training required to understand the needs of our customers and give them the support they need.

When it comes to recruitment, we are looking for bright, enthusiastic people who work well in teams, take initiative and always strive to deliver first class customer service.

To ensure that they receive the necessary skills to enable them to undertake their roles effectively, we offer a number of relevant courses to broaden their knowledge and extend their experience.

two pharmacists looking at something out of shot

Pre-registration Programme

M & D Green Dispensing Chemist is one of the most involved independent trainers of pre-registration pharmacists in Scotland. The Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme is the graduate scheme for pharmacists, administered in Scotland by the National UK Centre for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education in Scotland, NES (Pharmacy).

Each year we offer summer placements for third year pharmacy students who are looking to pursue a career in community pharmacy. Placements usually last 8 weeks and are available in each of our branches. Placements not only provide a structured learning environment for students but also help to determine candidates for pre-registration pharmacy positions.

Recruitment for summer placements begins in November and interested students should ensure their CVs are submitted as early as possible to be considered.